Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October Musings

Until two weeks into October, I had not made a single Eccentric figure for Halloween.  In fact, I have not made any for nearly a year.  Then my daughter Erin began telling me about her plans for her Halloween party this year--the first in her new home.  She was so excited. Max and Mila have been involved in the planning and will be helping with all of the details.  

After I hung up from that conversation, I was excited, too, and decided to make her a Halloween something.  But what?  Something that I could finish and get in the mail.  

Eek is cloth and clay
and was a bit of a rush job.

The cloth body went pretty quickly:
choose fabrics, cut strips, sew together,
make a pattern, trace onto fabric strips,
sew, cut out, stuff, add clay for the face.

Then quite a few hours were spent watching Netflix
as I added French knots and beads and decided on  embellishments.
That is the fun part, slow, but fun.

Working on Eek took several days,
and I got behind on answering letters!

Incoming Mail

from Naomi in Australia--
an arabic aerogram!
 love Hannah's Grumpy Cat stamp!

Lisa at lil fish studios posted this leaf mandala a while back,
and I keep going back to look at it!
Isn't it gorgeous?
If I had done this,
I would frame it and hang it on the wall
so I could enjoy it daily.

I'm having one of those weeks where I want to make things,
but can't make up my mind what I want to do.
Too many ideas all of a sudden
and unable to decide.

What are you up to this October?

Thursday, October 13, 2016

October Mail Art and Tags

We never have as colorful a fall as parts of the country that get cooler weather, but this year has been a dismal failure.  After all the rain in March, we've had a dry year.  We've had no rain at all so far in October, and I can't remember when the last rain was in September.  The result--now that the leaves are beginning to fall, they are mostly brown and dry.  Disappointing.

Our temperatures are still in the mid to upper 80's, which is better than during the summer, but not exactly the chill we hope of autumn.  Today's forecast has a chance of rain, and I am keeping my fingers crossed.  :)

I was caught up my letter writing when I began this post, but a couple of letters have arrived since then!  I will post them later.

Last week,
I received this letter from Bryce Eleanor.
It was actually to Edgar Tiger Tail
from Prim Paws Chandler,
B.E.'s new kitten.

Outgoing Mail

 Letter to B.E.
Addressed to Prim Paws,
the new kitten.

Not a very good picture of this one.

postcard to Melody

More tags--
not sure why these are so much fun, 
but I made another a 6 x 6 collage,
then cut into different size tags.
These are the littles.

Do you ever feel like this?
That is me trying to understand my husband's reasoning.
Candidate for Comedy Wildlife Photography Award

Time to go play upstairs.  

Monday, October 03, 2016

More Halloween

Lucy does not appreciate the clutter...

I ordered (and love) this frame from The Button Box Primitives!

Incoming Mail 

 from Connie

 from Hannah

 from Jacque
from Melody
 from Penne


 and the first of the Halloween envelopes 

Now, I have more envelopes to make,
more letters to answer.

It's Fall, y'all!
The days are still warm,
but the mornings and evenings are cool.
Indian Summer. :)

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Time for Halloween Decorations

We have forsaken the summer at long last.  The days are still warm, but the evenings and mornings are deliciously crisp and fresh.  

I have brought most of my Halloween Eccentrics down and have given them the run of the house.  Not a new witch or monster has been added this year, but I already have to make an effort to find places for them all.  

Bitter and Boo
hang out in the same spot each year.

 I had fun with the gourds last year.

I love October!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hoping for Cooler Weather...

More tags.
I made one 6"x6" collage
on water color paper,
then cut it into 3 tags.

Garden Musings

I've abandoned the studio for a week of trying to get a garden cleanup in gear.  I have help this time with removing some crepe myrtles that have been causing problems and some shrubs that don't look healthy--and trimming and shaping up other trees and shrubs.  

I've been digging up and transplanting some plants and then having trouble getting the dirt out of my fingernails.  Taking long breaks in between bursts of activity early in the morning and calling it quits by about 11:00 AM.  The heat and humidity take a toll.

My garden choices have not always worked as well as hoped, and while I love my tickseed coreopsis, they have a tendency to fall and sprawl after a wonderful early summer display.  The rest of the summer, my failure to keep them tended results in a sorry show.
Wikipedia image

So...I've dug most of them up and kept only a few off-shoots that I replanted in pots until next year.  I will decide what to do with them then.

I want something cleaner for the garden now.  Less cottage garden, less complicated, less demanding.  I've also cut back the golden ginger and will move some of them later and try to keep them in control.

Our summers come so early and last so long now (today will be another 93 degrees according to my weather app--and it is Sept. 25th!)  that garden chores have become too onerous and unpleasant to keep up with for 6 months of the year.  Time to consider a garden that requires less upkeep, yet still proves soothing to look at.


What I've enjoyed recently:  The Chronicles of Christoval Alvarez by Ann Swinfen is a wonderful 7 book series set in the late Elizabethan period; The Lost Girls a debut novel by Heather Young; and End of Watch by Stephen King (not yet reviewed).

Hope everyone is enjoying the last week in September!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Books, Mail Art, Stamps

Intasar Khanani is one of my favorite
YA fantasy authors.
She is giving away five sets of
 Thorn (a retelling of the Goose Girl) and Sunbolt
 --two YA fantasies that I loved.

I reviewed them on my book blog
here and here.
If you are a high school librarian,
check out Intasar's Library Love Give Away 
and maybe 
you will win one of the five sets for your students.  :)

In the Studio

Folded a tag to make a pocket.
I'm not sure where I saw this idea,
but pockets are always fun!

I ordered some tiny new rubber stamps 
and tried them out on scrap paper,
brown paper, and on tissue from an
old pattern that I've been using in collage.

The tiny card with the bones was 
 in my Halloween stash.
(I cut it from some packaging that I saved--
sometimes the packaging is as wonderful as the contents.)

It was a tight squeeze, 
but the card and stamps fit right in the pocket.

 Bits of painted water color paper--
I made several of these a while back
and should make some more
because all of these tiny things are fun!

I'm adding tea bags to tags, post cards, and envelopes. 
--tea bag house--
I ended up liking this side better 

I placed a feather in a tea bag,
then added it to a grungy tag
I'm busy making more tags and some 
Halloween mail arty stuff.
Because it's fun.  :)

Outgoing Mail

to Cheryl in NYC

to Mila--another tea bag added to a postcard
 to Max
 to Bryce Eleanor
The cat images on B.E.s card above are from TomCattCreations,
 and I'm having fun with them.
Stamped on some dictionary pages
and glued them to the card.

Included with my stamps was a cool Halloween tag and 
a paper bag with stamped images that I will cut up and use for collage!
I LOVE lagniappe.