Monday, May 29, 2017

And So It Goes

More rain yesterday.  When it stopped pouring so hard, I took a few pics.   

The sun came out for a while, then the rain was back.  More rain in the forecast for almost every day this week.  Oh, how the slugs love this weather!

OK.  I've been adding a year to my granddaughter's life.  She is fourteen today, not fifteen.  Whew!  I feel younger myself knowing she's only fourteen!

A few more small embroidered pieces while I've been watching 800 Words, an Australian drama.  

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Rain Is Gone...for a couple of days, at least

I'm so behind on mail.  A slew of letters await replies, and I need an entire day of catching up.  I've just gotten started on some replies.   
 A couple of thank you postcards


Max and Mila were here this weekend, and B.E. joined them on Saturday night.  I didn't take a single picture and am kicking myself!  (I just found one of Max's library books and will have to get in the mail today.  Excuse for just finding it?  There are books all over this house--on almost every surface.)

We've been having unusually cool weather for May and plenty of rain.  Unfortunately, our garage door decided to give out, so I've been having to open it by hand, back the car out, get out in the rain, go back and pull the door back down, then get back in the car considerably wetter.  Nothing like arriving at appointments worse for wear.  The new motor was installed yesterday. :)

The gardens (ours and everyone else's) have thoroughly enjoyed the rain, but I'm glad we are going to have a few days without it.  

Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Thoughts

Mila will be fifteen in a couple of weeks  
and her new haircut makes her look so grown up!  
From kid to young lady in the space of two weeks--
she doesn't look anything like the girl
in the Mituna costume for comic-com.

She and Max will be visiting next week
while Erin attends her Louisiana School reunion
in Natchitoches.  (pronounced Nack i tish)
More Whatevers

In my head, my style is intuitive and organic, 
which sounds so much better than haphazard and lazy.
I like ripping some small muslin pieces
and having the frayed edges.

Right now, I'm experimenting with quotes--
 whether stem stitching or back stitching
works better, how many strands of floss to use...

Another little piece with 
round after round of stitch.

Brian Andreas

Tuesday, May 09, 2017


OK--I've been binge watching Korean Drama again at Drama Fever.  And making more of these "Whateversbecause I need to keep my hands busy.

 I've done a lot of little things like this over the years.  Some get a backing with a pin and become brooches; some I've stitched to one of my studio shirts; some I've given away.  I used some of my stamps for these two, and I'm working on a couple more with quotes.

I'm always drawn to this kind of work and love looking 
at the pins and brooches and tiny pieces that others make.  
Hens Teeth
Julie Arkell
Ellen Devall
Phizzy Chick
Mary Stanley
Givova Brusa
and since I can't remember any more names at the moment...Pinterest, where it is easy to get lost in inspiration and forget what you've seen and who the artist was.

I forgot to include the cat toys B.E. and I made for Prim Paws this weekend.  I might need to make some more pompoms.  Hope Prim Paws is enjoying them.

I have some mail to answer, but this is my favorite from last week.  It arrived on Saturday while B.E. was here.  I sent her to the mailbox, and the letter she sent me arrived!  She was as excited as I was to read it.  :)  Obviously, Amelia addressed it, but the art is definitely Bryce Eleanor's!

As usual, Claudia says it best.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Sunday Morning

And I thought I was the reader in the family!

B.E. came for a visit this weekend and brought her reading material.  She finished Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard yesterday.  She gave up on Paolini's Eldest, a bit much for a nine-year-old.  

Both B.E. and Mila have been fans of the Warrior Cats series for a long time.  She quizzed me about the names of some of the cats, and I admitted that I read only a couple of the books and so long ago that I couldn't remember their names off the top of my head.  (Yeah, I think I was previewing possible books for Mila at the time--because I don't normally read children's fiction...right?)  Anyway, she promised to bring me the first book in the first series, Dawn of the Clans, the next time she comes to visit so I can refresh my memory.

After breakfast this morning, we had breakfast dessert-- a Nutty Buddy each.  I should be ashamed, but sometimes the kid has such good ideas.

Ever walk into a room and forget the reason you entered? 

I hate it when that happens!  Saw this on Ronni Bennet's Time Goes By blog and it explained a lot of things!  Now, maybe I'll think a little harder before crossing a doorway.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Catch Up

I had the first two pics ready to post over a week ago (and in true procrastinator's  style) here they are quite late.  Erin brought Max and Mila up for Comic Con, and Bryce Eleanor couldn't wait for her cousins to arrive.   Max and Mila's costumes are from the Homestuck anime (John Egbert and Mituna) and B.E.  is Eevee of Pokemon fame.  I think both my daughters did a great job with the costumes!   

There were so many cute kid costumes,
but these three were too funny.
Everyone wanted their picture. :)
Later, they won the costume contest for kids.

Write_On and National Letter Writing Month are done, finished, and uh, incomplete.
  I managed 27 pieces of mail (not counting 3 or 4 bills) that went out in April. 
 Here are the final 3 were posted on Saturday, April 29.

I could have done the final three to make 30 and driven to the P.O. to mail them on Sunday, but it didn't happen.   It will take a little while before I'm back in the letter-writing mode.  The pressure was too much for me; mail vacation required!  

The garden got more attention last week, though.  Here are some early morning pictures that Stinker managed to photo bomb--check the black and white behind the rosemary.

 I love citronella (and all pergolariums);
the scent is delicious!

 The Lenten rose at the bottom
has bloomed and bloomed.

Eventually, the cuphea will spread and
cover most of the area around the fountain.
 Stinker posed for this one.
And then the sun...

I had laser "surgery" on my right eye for glaucoma on the 17th.  They schedule these for late in the afternoon, and I was home by 6:00.  Easy peasy.  Hardly interfered with my reading at all :) --as long as I kept the blurry right eye closed.  By the next day, all was back to normal.  Easy peasy.  Left eye scheduled for May 18.  

Happy May!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Nearing the End of National Letter Writing Month and...

I'm barely keeping up.  Just barely.  If I'd had all the postcards and envelopes made before hand, it wouldn't have been as difficult.  


Sending a pc a week to each of the 3 grands
takes care a third of challenge.  :)
So 3 more to the grands--Mila, Max, and Bryce Eleanor
The answers are on the back,
but I'm sure Max already knows these riddles.

I made these last year when I was busy making a bunch of fabric postcards.  
I put them in a box with a bunch of scraps 
I intended to use to make some more...but went on 
to another project and forgot. 
Great timing, I needed something to put in the mail,
 but didn't have anything ready to go.  
So I addressed them and took them to the P.O. 
to have them hand-canceled.  
Two went overseas, so they will take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

The expression on the cat's face says it all!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day Trip and Mail Art

We took a day trip to Blue Moon Gardens and Edom, TX.
Located fifteen miles west of Tyler, Edom is a tiny, tiny town,
but full of exuberance and art!

How tiny is Edom, TX?
370 souls in 2016

The small pics are the one I took,
but I cadged two pics from Arbor Castle

About 6 miles out of Edom,
 you can find Blue Moon Gardens,
a delightful nursery that has plants 
I can't always find locally.

Here is what I went for--
a pygmy Japanese maple.
pic is from Blue Moon Gardens FB page
Incoming Mail
Sometimes the back of an envelope
is just as interesting as the front!

Another cool back!